Your understanding of the home inspection findings is crucial to my goal of providing the best home inspection available. I encourage our inspection clients to accompany the home inspector through the home inspection process.  By attending you will receive the most complete consultation and valuable orientation to the home, property and its systems.


Trust a team that shows up on time every time. You can count on us to get the job done right.


A comprehensive evaluation of your property from roof to basement. We check it all for you!


We treat every case with the respect and professionalism you deserve.We will make sure you’re well informed.

Our Home Inspection Service

There are many parts of a house that may have problems that can escape the untrained eye. Roof and attic spaces can be poorly ventilated, leading to excess moisture and possible mold issues. Plumbing and electrical systems may have unseen problems. Heating systems are especially important since they can be dangerous to you and your family if compromised. 

Why Choose Us?

With 31 years in the building industry, I have the knowledge and expertise to conduct a comprehensive and detailed inspection and report. 

With my highly detailed reports, you will have the knowledge and understanding, to make an educated buying decision – potentially saving you thousands of dollars in future repair costs.

Whether you are buying a condo, townhome, single-family home, or multi-unit building, you can count on me to conduct a thorough inspection of the components and systems that make up a home.

When I find any deficiencies, I will describe why they are deficient, make recommendations to correct or monitor, potentially saving you – the home buyer thousands of dollars in unwanted repairs.

Home Inspections

We provide extremely thorough home inspections, checking everything from top to bottom to ensure your safety.

Heating Systems

Heating systems are especially important since they can be dangerous to you and your family if compromised.

Pre Sale Inspection

Uncover issues that may need attention and decide on repairs before the compressed time frame between offer acceptance and closing. 


A full detailed report will be sent to you electronically, typically within 24 hours. Printed copies are also available.

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At Inform U, I aim to educate you about your home or any house you may be looking to buy. With 31 years of experience in home maintenance, plumbing, heating, and cooling of all types, I know what to look for and how to evaluate virtually any aspect of any house.

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